Media Library lost access to some files

Ever since the last firmware update I’ve got a weird issue with the Media Library. I’m at the latest firmware that was auto detected since I always update when available. I have Movie and TV files on the Hub and a shared NAS, Everything on the Hub works normally. Since the update the Movie Folder on  the NAS says “,.no Media Files in  the folder…”. The TV folder still works fine, If I browse to the NAS Movies everything is there, thumbnails and meta-data, and plays fine. Files added recently do not have meta-data since, I guess, the Media Library isn’t seeing them. Any idea how to get the NAS Movie folder back in the Library? Thanks for any info.

Just a guess, but I would try going to setup/system and removing that directory from the media library for network shares. Do a full reboot and then add it back again. Should rescan and rebuild the media library for that share on your NAS

I have not had that exact problem, but have had odd behavior with network shares in the media library. Removing them and then re-adding them back seemed to clear the cache, rescan and set them right again.

Good Luck


Thanks for the response, pearl.

I was away from home when I first posed the question but now I have done the following:

  • Updated to latest firmware this morning
  • Cleared the Media Library and re-built
  • Cleared the NAS from Library and re-booted. Added NAS back and re-built Library
  • Re-set to Default,  pull power full re-boot. Add NAS Network Share and re-build Library

All with the same results; the NAS Movies folder says “…no media files…”. The NAS has a folder called Videos and Movies and TV folders inside that. TV series are in separate folders in the TV folder. No matter what I do the TV programs show up in the Library and movies in the Movies folder don’t. I have basically the same setup in the Hub and, of course, it works fine. If I browse to the Movies folder everything is there and plays correctly.

Surely there’s not a file limit put on Network shared folders added to the Library? This setup used to work fine until the day it didn’t.  I believe it was around the time of the last firmware update before the one in the last couple days. I don’t think it’s a firmware problem; that’s just about when it happened.

Has there ever been a particular file or file type that broke the Library? I don’t know that I added anything to Movies when it broke but I could have.

During all this I’ve also noticed that Library files in the Hub have a lot more Options for viewing/changing Meta-Data than the Network Share files. Has the Library always treated the Hub differently?

Anyway, thanks for any ideas.

Well, I have still not gotten the Library to see movies is my network share drive. So I gave up a while back and just browse to the folder. I use the awesome, almost instantaneous, HubFlow application to add poster-art and meta data to new files.