Media library there a "master" library

(…using new firmware…)

Have a multi-source setup…Some local media on an attatched USB disk and media on networked shares.

Under these conditions where does the media library live and how is consistency maintained…??

 (i.e as data is added/removed to either local or networked source…it seems to keep it on the local disk only but is this the policy it always uses or is some other algorithm in effect.

From a previous question I know it rebuilds after a power-cycle but I wonder how(if…?)  the media library changes as

media sources are turned on/off or left on/off.

I know all this should be transparent to the user but I am more concerned about turnning sources on and off when I’m

not accessing them.

Why am I concerned…?because for some reason it takes a long time to rebuild/rescan my library…

(…I had a previous question about long rebuild times for the library,(at least in my case )…)

The library for each device is stored ON that device.

For NAS:  It’s stored in the Share you add, or if you add the whole NAS, it’s stored in the FIRST available share.

For USB:  It’s stored on the USB.

This way you can remove a USB disk or Share without having the whole database go up in smoke, and add one without having to rebuild the whole database.

Things can get nutty of media sources are turned off.   Most of the time, it will just “Disconnect” that share (if you look at it in the Media Library Manager, it will say DISCONNECTED.), but I’ve seen instances where it would not RECONNECT if the device was turned on later.   No biggy, a quick power-cycle of the WD reconnects it.

Thanks for the reply Tony

I’ll clear out the current Media Library setttings and folders and rebuild from scratch