Media Library keeps disconnecting


I have ony just got WDTV live SMP. I am having real issues with using the Media Library. For some reason when I am in the middle of playing a file  it stops and I get content is no longer Available also I get this at times when it starts up. I have  added my shares in system menu to the media library and can access the files by using the file browser but cannot then add the option of viewing Media Libray in Videos.

I am on the latest Firmware, connecting via lan ti a 5GHz access point which in turn connects to my Apple Airport Extreme router. My server is a HP Proliant Micro Server running  WHS2011 and using Drivepool. I use my 5GHz network for streaming to XBMC and it all works fine so its not a wireless issue.

I have reset the network settings several times and still get the issue.

Any help here appreciated. The media library is essential for this to be a family friendly device so is this functionality does not work as intended then back this device will go to the retailer.

Just because some set of devices work fine on your network does not mean that every device will work fine on your network, so you cannot just say, “it is not a wireless issue.”  Does the SMP support 5 GHz/802.11a wifi?  I was not aware that it did, but cannot find detailed specs that make that clear.  Is your access point dual band?  I have encountered numerous situations where most devices might work fine with certain wifi settings, but one will not.  This is not at all an uncommon issue.

In any case, what I would try first to rule out networking/server problems is to select Network Shares as the content source instead of Media Library, and then try playing a file you are having problems with.  If the file again stops in the middle, then the problem is not the Media Library.  More likely SMP is losing connection to server for one reason or another.

The other thing I would try is to run an Ethernet cable to the SMP (or move the SMP) and try using it wired.  If it works fine wired, then definitely the problem is how the SMP interacts with your wifi.  If it does not, then you can pretty much eliminate networking issues as the source of the problem.

If you read the post properly you would see I am connected to the WDTV via LAN  a 5GHz access point which bridges to my router. . This access point serves other devices via LAN without any issues what so ever. Yes I can play the files from the file browser section. Reading more posts on the forum the Media Library dropping off is fairly common.

“If you read the post properly…”  Perhaps if you had written the post properly I wouldn’t have misunderstood your network setup.  The acronym LAN stands for Local Area Network.  It is most certainly NOT synonymous with wired/Ethernet connections.  As Wikipedia says:  “…Ethernet over twisted pair cabling, and Wi-Fi are the two most common technologies currently used to build LANs.”  So if you meant a wired/Ethernet connection, then you needed to say that–not “LAN.”  Your entire network at your home would be considered a LAN.