Media library help

So I have juing info st spent days adding things to media libraries and then manual getting info etc
My question is how do is get the infoto show at the folder level?
Can it do it? it seems it should because it gives you the date. Genre etc but does not populate.
any help is appricated

Also how can you get the content on a film in two parts? seems to be a draw back

Sorry mate,

Can you please explain better what you are trying to do?

Infoto is an android application 

InFoto - Android Photo Infographic Generator

Is that wat you are talking about?

so I have set everything up and it has grabbed all the metathumbs and xml data.

BUT i cannot see any of the details when i look at the folder level.

It works if you go into the file.

But for some reason if you look at the folder view it shows an area for the info but does not seem to work

Infoto = info to



Metadata or “info” does not display for “Folders”  it only displays for “Files”

It’s a Firmware problem.

There was “Trick”  Work Around" for it … which worked in “Older Firmware” but i think those “Tricks” are broken in latest

Firmware Revisions … Thanks Again, WD