Media Library Has Very Strange Contents and Functionality

My WDTVLIVEPLUS is on my network, recognizes network shares, accesses my Media Libraries, and otherwise works as advertised.  However, when accessing my Music in my PC Media Library, no matter whether through “All Music,” or “Genre,” i get multiple duplicate thumbnails (no more than two of the same album) on some albums.  And when I select an album to play, the player selects a song (I can see no pattern to it) and plays it; if I hit “next” with the remote control, it goes to the next randomly selected song ON THE NEXT Album, etc. 

I notice when accessing the same music through network shares, the player lists ITunes as one of the shares.  Now I disabled ITunes sharing some time ago due to problems I was having with ITunes integration with Windows Media Player.  I erased every bit of ITunes music I could find, leaving only music videos and podcasts.  Is it possible the Player has an old ITunes library stored in memory and that is what might account for the repeat albums?  Should “reset” eliminate this problem?  I assume you “reset” the player when power is ON.

I don’t see how this might effect the single song/per album problem noted in the first paragraph, though.

BTW, I can “play to” the player using WMP 12 and the same shared media library files (NO ITunes, however) without a problem. 

This is solved.  Operator error in not understanding WDTVLIVEPLUS screen views, etc.