Media Library: Get Information from more chosen files?

Hi there,

I’m using the media library on my WDTV to organize my movies & TV-series.
Everything works fine with the movies.
For my TV-Series I did not generate the meta-files with thumgen or other programms like that.

So I tried to get the media-info within the options in the media library.
The Series-Files are named correctly (e.g. Arrrow.S01E01) and so I get the information.
Is there a way to select more files and let the WD collect the info for a whole season at once or do I have to select each single file (…and I have a lot of TV-Series :-///) ?

Should I use thumgen instead?

Thanx in advance

Thanx Joey,

but I don’t want to get the content info automaticaly for my movies, because I generate them with thumbgen.
If i set this to “Auto”, will it overwrite my movie-content?

can’t remember … put a couple of small movies on a flashdrive and test it

Last weekend, I had the chance to test this.
Worked partially fine…somehow, some covers are suitable for the season - others don’t.
But my main issue is this:
When I gather the information as described, I get the english description.
Due to the fact that I’m german I’d be fine to get them in german.
When I grab the Information manually (Highlight the episode > Options > Get Information) i get the german title and episode-description.
So - where ist the difference an can I switch the source in the setup menu, so that the german text is automatically grabbed?

Hi,Joey Smyth,this page came from the media player users manual,will you be kind and tell me where can i get the pdf to download it,i has the same issue the metadata/thumbnails, thanks