Media Library Folder Limit?

In the folder view if I choose a folder, select Options on the remote and then choose Add to Media Library I get the message:  “Unable to add this folder to your Media Library as you have reached the limit of folders allowed.”  I saw just one other post on this and the only suggestion was to reset the box.

Can anyone confirm a reset will fix this, and does anyone know if there really is a limit and what it is?  Seems crazy there would be any limit and if there is shouldn’t it be in the tens of thousands?  All of my DVDs are in their own folders not counting all the other folders so it would seem easy to have hundreds or thousands of folders.

No.  That won’t fix anything.

The WD can only connect to a certain number of shares.  Something less than 20…

but it makes no sense to make so many folders into their own shares.

Just share connect to the PARENT folder that has all the folders inside.

10s of thousands?  Heck no!   That would blow your server apart!  

OK so it’s the shares and not the folders themselves?  I didn’t think I had that many shares but I am connecting to a PC and it is seeing other shares so I’ll see if changing up the shares will work.  Thanks.

I eliminated all of my shares except one, rebooted the WD TV Live and still have the same issue.  I’ve come to the conclusion it actually is a limitation on the number of folders you have and not the shares.  So if you’re copying full dvds each dvd will have at minimum three folders, Media Library will not be able to handle it.  Looks like you can only have the files themselves without folders.

The only other explanation is some sort of bug.

No, you’re just thinking differently, and it didn’t help that I explained it in the wrong way.

The WDTV supports a limitted number of “MEDIA LIBRARY” entries.    It has no bearing on whether each entry is an entire share, or a subfolder within that share.

Each item you add to the Media Library database requires the WDTV to create an independent database for that entry.

What that’s doing is forcing the WDTV create an individual database for each folder, with only a single entry in that database.

You’re not allowing the WDTV to “Aggregate.”

But there should be no need to add every individual folder to the media library separately.

Just add the whole SHARE to the media library.

As soon as you pick the server from the list, it will list the shares.

Pick the SHARE.

Now pick “Select Here.”

The WDTV will then scan the entire share, create a single database for that share, and aggregate all the folders WITHIN that share into that one database.


That did it!

I went to the Media Library, selected Options on the share and chose Rescan and afterward everything showed up as it should.