Media Library/Favorites Issues

Hi All,

I have owned the WD TV Live (WDBHG7) since February and until a couple days ago I haven’t had any issues.  Now I am having strange issues with my Media Library and favorites.   I think it all started by Media Library disappearing on me, so after tinkering with that and following the posts where people say the Compiling Library never ends, so deleted the .wd-tv folder and deleted the folder to my share under – Settings -> System -> Media Library and then it added them all back and seemed OK, I could rate videos, but then noticed that adding to favorites wasn’t working.  I get the pink heart after adding, but when I got back in there it is gone.  Going to favorites I have nothing in there – it used to be full of Apps like Facebook and TV Series that I had marked.

I have tried everything I can, I tried resetting device to factory defaults, I have tried the little reset button with a paper clip – which neither of these really seems to do a factory reset.   Is there no way like you can do with an iPhone, iTouch or Android phone to really wipe everything?  If that is not possible, I am not sure what to try next.

The state it is in now, I can had to Media Library, files play and all, but I can’t add anything to favorites  Apps or Videos.  Also, the really strange thing is now changing the settings on the Media Library doesn’t save, no matter what I try.  I can remove the share, and clear the library and turn off Media Library, but next time the box restarts they are all back to what they were, share still there Media Library back on.

Any advice on how to fix this would be great.  TIA!

I got exactly the same problem.

Favorites is the only way i can get netflix to work on latinamerica. 

Does anyone know how to reset this thing?  Other than the reset button and the factory settings default in settings?  Does nothing actually reset this thing?

Sounds like your flash memory has been corrupted.

I would try to roll back to the prior version, then reinstall the latest.

Thanks for the reply, I will give it a shot tonight and see if it works.

I just tried that, downgraded to Firmware Ver. 1.04.12 then upgrade to the latest, tried reseting all the settings, now that works, ask me for language and stuff. But still the same problem as before with favorites.

kiwatiger wrote:

… still the same problem as before with favorites.

Your problem is a different problem.   As such, my suggestion wasn’t addressed to you.

Same issues, still not saving the settings for Media Library.  Not sure what else to try.

Ok, try this.

On your NAS, delete the .wd_tv folder in EVERY SHARE you access.

Also disconnect any USB drives.

Then on the WDTV, do a Full Factory Restore (Setup / System / Reset / …)

Then re-add the shares to the newly reset box.

I just tried these steps and still the same thing.  I have tried these steps before, including removing all the watched folders on the device, clearing the media library etc.

When I do a full factory restore, shouldn’t it wipe out everything, my logins, back ground pictures etc?  It  doesn’t seem to be changing anything.  I mean the network share info is still there after rebooting, even though I delete and turn off media library.  My facebook logins are still remembered, sure doesn’t seem like it is reseting anything. 

Are you doing a RESET or a RESTART?

Yes, the RESET will delete the ENTIRE configuration, depending on which of the reset options you pick.

Of course I am resetting - factory defaults (first option under reset NOT restart) supposed to wipe everything right?  It isn’t?

There are at least three options under the RESET menu.   Which of them are you choosing?

See Image, factory

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Ok, sorry about that.  The button is the top one says “Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default”

Yeah, that’s the one… Can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work!

I have even tried the reset button on the bottom of the unit, still doesn’t actually reset anything, just ends up rebooting it.  Not sure what else to try at this point.

BTW, just checked out your XML Fetcher, pretty cool.  Seems to work just fine.  C# or VB.Net?  I am software engineer and .net guy as well.

VB 2010. It was my first experience with VB…