Media Library Compiling every time I switch on

As per thread title.

I’m on firmware 2.01.86 and haven’t updated for a while, as the last time new firmware popped up everyone was having trouble with it, but mine was working fine.

Anyway, it WAS working fine, but for the past few weeks, whenever I switch it on, I get the ‘Compiling media library…’ bar at the top…forever!

Don’t want to turn the media library off, as it’s how I organise my videos.

All media is on Western Digital My Book Lives (and similar - all WD).

Anyone any ideas?

Steve W

Hi there,

Do you have all your media files on NAS devices or on a directly connected drive? What could be happening is that when you turn of the unit it is not going to stand by mode.

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All media is on NAS devices.

It’s sometimes taking about 15 minutes or so to build the library when I switch on.

I might be wrong, but I think that every time I add a new piece of media it re-scans the whole library.

to be clear - no new media added, it compiles for around a minute. Any new media added, it compiles for around 15 minutes.

That’s what appears to be happening, anyway.

Steve W