Media Library Compiling and Getting Content Info Behaviour


I have a couple of questions about the behaviour of how this works and hopefully somebody might know the answer as I can’t seem to find the details…

Firstly our setup is that we have a QNAP-859Pro+ NAS with 8 2TB drives in Raid6 and roughly 3600 videos in the folder. We have 2 WDTV Live-S which are indexing the video folders via NFS
(I quite like this option compared to SAMBA).

Now for the real question, when the library first compiled, it went and got the content info from all the files that it could. I changed a bunch of file names afterwards and after restarting the device a few times, it went and got them for that too.

However, as I have been receiving more files, and putting them 1 by 1 into the folder, restarting the WDTV will get the library to update, but for some reason it seems to sometimes get the content info and other times it won’t. If it doesn’t get it the first time, it seems that it won’t bother scanning the file again to try and get the metadata unless you force it on a file by file basis. However, I want it to get the metadata automatically for the most part.

The settings are currently to scan the media library once a day (although I have also tried it with when the device is in standby). Get content info is set to auto.

The only way I can find to force a metadata rescan of all files without info, is to set the content info setting to manual, and then back to auto again.

So the TL;DR verson of my questions:

What does behaviour of ‘auto’ on get content info actually do?

Under what conditions on starting the device is metadata scanned for?

When media library scanning is set to ‘daily’, ‘weekly’ etc… How does the device determine which time each day, or week, or hour to actually do the scan? Ideally the scan would be done when the device is idle or early in the morning (I prefer to leave it on all the time if possible).

Is there a better way to force the library to refresh, apart from turning off and on? Sometimes I put a file onto the NAS and want to play it immediately. This requires a check for new files.

If a file was scanned for metadata once and failed, does the WDTV ever go back and scan for it again? Or do you need to do it manually, or change the file name to get it to rescan?

Note this is not a question about the file name conventions required - I seem to have figured that out for the most part in receiving data. I just want the process to get the metadata as automated as possible. I have used a couple of the tools from the hub threads to get metadata that way. All the tools so far are quite clunky though.

Well the last bit of my post I seem to have found something acceptable. The WDTVHubGen tool seems to do essentially what the WDTV does in getting the content info with some customisation. It is pretty good and reasonably quick, even if a little clunky. The other tools seem to rely on you matching the file names perfectly to a few set formats.

I still haven’t figured out the behaviour of auto, or the scheduled times though.

It seems that at least one of the questions was answered in he followin post for anyone looking:

That answers the better way to refresh a folder question and the bit about getting content info.

Now the remaining questions are about what ‘auto’ actually does and if there is anyway to schedule it