Media Library Compile Time

I have about 40 movies ( a mix of mkv and avi) kept in individual folders on a network share. How long should it take me to compile my library?

A while. No telling because there’s so many variables. It’s best to just let it do its’ thing. It takes somewhere between thirty minutes to an hour to compile a half-gigabyte of media on my network.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, you’re right. That is going to take quite awhile. One last question then…Is there some way to share a specific folder from my network without having to share all of my current network shares from the same pc? The hub only seems to allow me to select a pc that has network shares and not just one of it’s folders. Thanks again.

You could try hiding the shares you DON’T want the WD to see… Also, it takes my Hub about 5 minutes to compile info on 4 TB of media, about 1500 ISO files.

What’s a good technique to use to hide the shares?

Hmm…also, it now appears that no syncing is taking place at all. I just browsed the folder on the hub from my pc and nothing has changed.

I stopped the syncing, cleared the media library and restarted…

Putting a period in front of a folder name will make it invisible to the hub!

Having 40 movies shouldn’t take long for the hub to scan, but remember that the hub will also scan through non media files on its way.

Put a $ at the end of the share name. NOT the FOLDER name, the SHARE name.