Media Library Compilation issue

I’ve a SMP with latest firmware with WD Elements 1.5 TB drive connected. For some reason while compiling the media library, the SMP hangs with LED blinking forever.  I think there might be a file or something on my drive is causing this problem.

Is there any way to know what’s the problem with the compilation or how to find the defaulting file or folder?

I cleared .wdtv folder but that didn’t help.  Resetting SMP to defaults or changing to different firmware version didn’t help either. 


The problem appears to be with the hard drive then, one or several of the files should be corrupted. You could backup all the files that you can from the Elements and then format it.

Finding the problematic file is hard when you have lots of files and you don’t what file that is.  I wish the compilation was a bit informative in this regard.