Media Library changing (numbers) changing

Had the hub for about 6 months, have looked through forums for similar problem to no avail.

All of my movie media files are on Hub internal storage.  Sporadically when searching through “all videos” the status will goto “compiling media library”.  My library changes from xxx number of moves, to yyy , to aaa, and then back to xxx after several minutes.

This occurs especially when I add content info to movie file (one at a time thank you WD).

Have a missed a post to this, or am I the only one?

Uhm, it’s supposed to do that.

When it detects something has changed, it will re-compile the library.

So you are saying that since WD makes me get content info for each movie, each time I do that (which only generates metadata (xml file) no content change, that the entire library needs to be recompiled?  No one else sees this as a problem?  If your library is large, it’s bad enough have to scroll, click option, ok, get content, say ok, and then wait for the whole thing to update again?  Seriously?

Well, it always SAYS it’s Compiling, but it’s just updating.   A re-scan takes far less time than a complete rebuild.