Media jukebox & USB card reader


I’m new with this WD HD Live Hub which seems very interesting Media player for my usage.

I have 2 questions:

  1. This product can generate the media content jukebox for media files stored in the internal HDD or HDD over USB. In case the media files are stored on NAS server (for example), can it also create the jukebox (for movie, cover image, synopsis, and movie info, etc). So, is it possible to create and access jukebox for content coming though home network.

  2. This player does not have SD card reader, I am wondering to know if I can plug a USB multi-card reader and access pictures on SDHC, which is plugged into this multi-card reader.

If those two questions are already discussed, please let me know the thread link…

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  1. What do you mean by JUKEBOX?   The answer to your question is YES, if you’re just referring to the Cover Art, Synopsis and details.

  2. Hmmm.   Never tried that before.   I doubt it work, though.  

Thanks for your answer… Yes, by jukebox i mean the video inof like cover, synopsis, etc.

Regarding the SD card reader, if it is a USB connection, I thought it is recognized as a USB drive so Live Hub can access it. If someone has the hub and USB card reader and can try it with SDHC card and post the result it would be very nice.


I have a Transcend USB>SDHC adapter that works fine with the Live Hub and an 8GB SDHC card.  

Works just alike a USB flash drive.

Actually… I have a multi-flash card adapter I could test too…  lemme go see if that works…


Hmm.  The multi-card USB adapter didn’t work but that may be because it’s too old to read my SDHC.  If I can find an old SD card or CF card I’ll test again.

If your multi reader is like mine, when you plug into a PC, it assigns multiple drive letters to it, because it appears to the host as multiple readers. The HUB isn’t going to work with that.

Hi guys,

I really appreciate your feedback. Now I know which SDHC USB adapter to buy :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks again…

P.S: I ordered today the live hub :smiley:


I need your help… bought the live hub and copied some files into the internal HDD. It’s pity that the file transfer speed performance is so bad. Using local gigabyte ethernet I have only 9-10 MB/s. 

Now the problem is when I try to get the movie info (for cover, synopsys, etc) of movie on my shared computer. I am using on this computer Twonky Media manager to share dirctories containing the movie files. I can see perfectly all the movies but I can’t get movie info for those network shared movies. When I select a movie, press the option button, nothing happens.

@Tony, you told me we can get movie info for network shared movies… do you know how I can proceed to have this movie jukebox with movie info. Thanks.

Yes, I told you you can get movie info for Network Shared movies,  but getting them through Media Server is a whole different thing (that’s the Twonky connection.)    As you’ve determined, you cannot get Movie Info for media accessed via Media Servers.

You could just set your PC up to use Network Shares instead, and then you can do all of that.

OK, thanks Tony.

I will try as you suggested.