Media Hub not seeing My Passport or all files on shared drives

I have my Media Hub setup on a wired network. Running windows 7 64 bit. If I plug 500 GB My Passport drive directly into hub it works fine. If plug into computer as a shared drive, Hub doesn’t see it. Other issue, I have a 1 TB Seagate External drive, again all content is visible if plugged directly into Media Hub, on pc as a shared network drive, it does not see all videos, just some. Any ideas to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

How are you trying to access the drives when they are connected to your computer? Network Share or Media Server?

Network Share

NO one has any idea or same problem as me?

I did have the same issue as you, believe it or not, this is an Windows 7 issue, what I did was disconnect all my network devices and started to connected one by one, sharing all the files in the network and making sure that I was able to access the files using network share, I was able to make it work without an issue, at the end, it was a **bleep** printer the issue, a soon I connected the printer, the files where almost impossible to play.