Media files(video) do not appear

  1. there are files visible on my laptop(macbook) all files appear. no missing files whatsoever.

  2. girlfriends computer cannot see some of these files. some not all video files are visible. 

3 my laptop has WD software installed. Girfriend does not have WD installed. but can access WD icon on network at home.

is software necessary for her to see all files?

  1. posssibly related but not so sure. when trying to access via, i cannot because java is not ‘updated’ but even when updated it does not work.

expertise needed

When files can be seen with one computer and not with another, the cause is two possibilities:

  1. The some of the files are ‘hidden’ and one of the computers setttings is to not display ‘hidden files’

or 2) The permissions on the files are such that one user can see them and teh other not.

Do a

chmod 777 -r /folder/

on the files to set the permisions to open for all.