Media files greyed out in shared directory

I bought a WD MyBook Live Duo (8TB) NAS and copied my data to it - including nearly 300 movie and tv show files (.avi, .mp4, .m4v The original files that were stored on my local computer (MacMini running OSX 10.9.1 - Mavericks) had no issue but when they are stored in the Shared Movies directory on my WD NAS, they are showing as “Zero Bytes” in size. 

I would point out that it is not ALL of the files that have been moved to the NAS - out of the 284 files that are in the directory, 25 of them are showing the correct size. Additionally, the files that show zero bytes appear in Finder as greyed out while the full size files appear normally. 

There is one caveat, I do have one movie that was copied to the NAS that is showing 11.16GB in size but it is greyed out in Finder and even though it has a .mkv file extension, it is showing “WD My Cloud Document” as the “Kind” of file. 

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help!

Might want to check with the DUO forum, this is the My Cloud forum