Media Content Metadata Files

I just got my WDTV Live unit and all i can say is WOW!  what a great device.  I had previously owned an earlier generation WDTV unit - but these sure have come a long way! This new unit is the best yet, hands down!

I do have a question and I appologize in advance if it’s been asked and addressed previously, but I didn’t see a solution in these forums.

Is there a way to relocate the metathumb and xml files into a deticated directory, so that they are not inflating the file system on my drive?  I started with a usb drive that had about 50 movie files on it, and it now has 150 files.  I see that plugging my drive in to the unit creates a wdtv folder, which is where I would expect the files to be stored, however they don’t appear to be going there.   What gives?

Thank you!

What you’re seeing is the correct behavior.

no, the data needs to be there to get the pictures and such.  You can disable that feature if you don’t want it and delete them all but you can just stuff them into some folder, they have to be where the wdtv located them.