Media compiling directory exclusion


I’ve got a WDTV Live box linked to a WD 1TB drive attached. Really pleased with it but I came across one snag the other day…

Amongst other things I do a bit of Android and Windows programming (just for fun) and, although I back up the folder that holds all my development work on other drives I decided to put a copy onto the WD drive as well. Should have known better cause the next thing I knew - all my icons, gif files etc., got automatically compiled into my media library and these then duly appeared when I do random picture displays.

Removing the offending folder on the WD Drive is the obvious answer but I just wondered whether anyone knows if there is a way of excluding specific directories, or specific file extensions, from the media compilation search?

As another option - am I right in thinking that using the attribute bits to create a hidden directory is the recognised general way of handling these types of issues?

If not it seems to me that being able to exclude selected directories from the media search operations would be a really handy option that might not be too difficult for Western Digital to implement.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

If you name a directory starting with a period such as “.development” or “.pictures”, your WD device will not display them through the UI, but you can access them from another computer. 

Good Luck


Thanks a lot - this is a nice easy, general, solution. BTW - apologies if I inadvertently missed this in the docs.