Media Center Local Drive Issues

Recently, I had to pull out my whole system because of feedback I was receiving through the TV due to the wireless media center being too close to the gateway.  Once I separated out the gateway, the issue was resolved.  However, now the media center doesn’t recognize anything already stored on it. 

I have it mapped to my computer so that I can update it each night automatically while controlling what goes in there.  The only thing it will do now is playback from my computer, which is a hot mess of stuff in my local music and video folders.  The organized folder is a separate internal backup drive from which the media player get’s its contents.

How do I get the media center to playback from within?  I’ve already reset the player and it shows the amount of space left and the mapped drive shows the contents, but I can’t get it to recognize those contents. 

Any suggestions?

Try to scan the drive for errors. Also, have you try to move the movies from one folder to another?