MDMI connection

I own a WD Live Media Player and a WD Live Hub.  Both products are a little more than a year old.  About two months ago, I began to have to remove and reinsert my HDMI cable to get the UI.  Now this week, I have to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable for my Hub.  I’ve changed cables twice, but this seems to be an inherent problem.  Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem?  Thanks in advance.

Same thing happened to me…running latest Firmware 3.05.10

Rolled back Firmware to 2.07.17 about a week and a half ago … Have not had the problem since.

Never seen or heard of this problem on any FW version.  You might want to try a new cable just in case something went bad in that one.


Well, palavering said he tried different cables and so did i.

If you havent encounted the problem, then you are lucky.

JMHO but I think some of us have bad HDMI ports on our hubs.