MDL: WD5000C032-002 Worked fine for 3 years; Now not showing up in My Computer

Hi All,

I bought this device for 2007 Thanks giving!! since then I have been placing all my stuff in this one. I dont know what happened HDD stopped detecting.

Below are my observations.

#1 I could see the USB (Safely Remove Hardware) popping up when ever I connect the WD device to the laptop.

#2 I could see this device on Disk Drives in MyComputer–>Properties–>hardware–>Device Manager -->Disk Drives.

#3 Even though its getting detected, when I check the drive on Disk management this device is not showing up.

All along I have been using this device on Windows XP OS only. Prior to this issue, I have connected this device to my friends laptop which is on Vista OS. The device got detected and he was able to copy the data and place the data on to the drive. After using to for couple of times it started not to show up on his Laptop and eventually its not coming on my XP laptop also.

I made blunder in not copying/backing up my data. Two reasons for crying out for help…

#1 how to make this device work ?

#2 more importantly with out losing my data.

Please share your invaluable thoughts and experiences in this regard.



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Hi All, Is data recovery an option for me considering the condition of the Eternal HDD?

Please revert.



I’ve noticed that there seems to be more than usual problems when using between XP and Vista and Windows 7. Something is apparently corrupt I saw these posts and  post 8


Joe, Thank you for reverting!!

I went through the second post its not useful. I am going through the first post. There is lot in it. I will update you once I am through.