MDL: WD-15EARS 00MWB0 Dying or not compatible with Win7 64bit


I bought this HDD 9 months ago. It was good and fast enough for me for its 5400RPM. But in the last few weeks, the drive started to slow down and having read issues which causes system hang-ups. Im wondering the drive is going to die or whats happening with it, if not dying then its possible to fix it somehow?  

Thanks for any ideas. 



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I bought 2, 320GB WDC internal Drives, and within last 2 months, 1 have totally failed (cant even format the drive) and now the other one which I used as boot disk is starting to show the same problem.


  1. BSOD

  2. Crashed after booting

  3. SCANDISK repaired alot of bad clusters

I think its only time to wait until the drive is totally died again like the first one. The first one I’m using Windows Vista 32bit, the second one I use Win 7 32bit. All from clean install.

Funny thing is, I have 2 Hitachi HDD, 1 is 60 GB external HDD which already last for 6 years and still operatable very well, and the other is 500GB  internal which peform very well since last year.  I have been failed by WD 2 times, I’ll never want to take that risk again. Oh yeah my WDC passport also died too, no idea why, but thats another thread issue.

I have the same drive, got in Nov. 2010 and it failed July 2011.  I noticed a horid lag before I shut of my computer, came back hours later to find that it was hung on the log-off screen.  Upon doing a hard reset, it took 15 minutes to boot and when logging in, i could not access drives or desktop, only firefox.  Upon removing the drive, the system actually seemed to perform/boot faster.  I do believe this drive was slowly dying and slowing the system down as it happened.