Mdia Hub USB Sync Question - Can the Sync Destination Be Altered

SCENARIO:  Boss has a media hub player setup which has the following folder/directory structure within the main WDTVLiveHub directory:





the .wd_tv directory is a hidden directory and the SAMPLE  MEDIA is the default one that every Hub has.

I have  placed all Movies in the MOVIES folder and TV Shows in the TV folder with each movie having all movie files within its own folder (i.e the INCEPTION movie files are all in a folder called INCEPTION that is located in the MOVIES folder )and each TV Show having its own folder in which all episodes are listed together.

The boss is NOT tech savvy so this has to be as easy as possible which is why I set it up and put everything in place on the hub.  For anything new I’d like to usethe Sync from USB feature so that I can give him a USB device and all he has to do is plug it in to the Hub.

From the userguide I see how to enable the Sync From USB feature but what I was hoping  to find out is if its possible to change where the feature places the material it gets from the USB drive or am I just out of luck?

Also, is it a problem that the USB Sync items will be in a different location from the current Movies and TV shows? I have the Media Libraby enabled and the Moviesheet (Anodized theme) setup so he doesn’t have to know how to navigate a folder structure to use the thing. 



I personally would not synch the files from the USB.

I would teach your boss to plug in USB, and then copy new Movie folders to the Movies folder on the HUB, and copy new TV Folders to its own folder on the Hub…

Ive never synched to the drive, but Im guessing it would just put the folders anywhere, the above step would allow better control, and might even stop the fudge factor of another move again once the files were moved automatically.

As far as I know sync destination cannot be altered. It creates a folder named usb_sync on your hub then another folder inside that that has a folder name to uniquely identify your usb device (i.e. My_Passport_EA6854D).

I think if you have medialibrary enabled it doesn’t really matter the location of files on the hub. It will consolodate files by type and then you’ll be able to select the view (i.e. all videos, etc). What it won’t do however is seperate your movies from tv shows. You’ll need to place them in seperate folders and browse by folder structure if you want to seperate them. 

The way I do it is create Movies, Tv Shows, etc. folders on the root of my usb device. Then when you sync the new stuff will be in those folders but in the usb sync. Ex. usb_sync>My_Passport>TV Shows