MCH won't recgonize partitions when plugging WD MyPassport

I Have a new My Cloud Home. When I put my external drive (1tb WD My Passport) which has 2 partitions into the USB, the My Cloud Home only recognices one. On top of that, that one partition in just a Time Machine backup. I need to access the other one.
MCH app is so minimalistic and doen’t offer any way to browse (at least on Android).
What can I do?


  • Multi Partition USB Drives - Only the 1st partition is recognized and mounted
  • A USB device attached to a My Cloud Home will not be seen in the My Cloud Home Web App or on Windows or macOS computer as expanded storage.

Not even it cannot find more than 1 partition, but also you can copy just root folders of that partition! Not folders that are located inside root folders! This device really ■■■■■!