MCH Clean OS Installation

Ok, since my disk drive died, I am now stuck with a useless (but still perfectly good) WD MyCloud Home enclosure.

Is it possible, by any means, to insert a new, fully working WD Red drive into the old working enclosure and make a completely clean install of the OS and put the hardware into good use?

Has anyone faced a similar situation and/or are there any links available on how to do this?
Would be really grateful if so.

Cheers guys.

It’s a while since I did stuff at that level but my first instinct is I don’t see why not.

A good starting point would be the GPL’d source - as long as you can compile it for the hardware you should be able to install a working OS.
Kernel log file on mine says it’s Linux version 4.1.17 on AArch64 which presumably is the same or similar for all mch boxes?

I’m mainly suggesting this rather than generic sources as the kernel/modules source will have (one hopes) been tailored to the hardware, the kernel note about ’ Realtek ASDK64-4.9.4p1 Build 2285’ suggests this might be significant.

The Install Entware thread here if you haven’t looked already, should be of use - once you have a shell to use, it should be possible to then make whatever changes you need.
edit: slight dependency on having installed a working OS first of course…

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