MCH appear offline in Android app

I can access my MCH through LAN connections, but when trying to access it through the Android application or the web interface the drive appears offline.
Is this a known issue?

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The title appears to be in conflict with the wording in the minimal description offered.

The webapp or mobile apps require the web/internet obviously, so that is the place to start. Check the router and wifi for internet connectivity.

The Western Digital servers can be checked by going to the top of the community landing page.

My Cloud Services Status

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Sorry, the auto-correct change it from offline to online.
The drive is accesible from pc/mac/android phone through SMB on the LAN.

Trying to access it through web interface and/or MyCloud App on the Android phone fails with “Drive is Offline”.

There is wifi/internet on the network, of course.
I’ve also set the MyCloud to have a fixed LAN IP address, but the problem still persists.

Needless to say, it worked last week.

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The MCH may be busy doing indexing or uploading to cloud (if enabled) and if you have copied a lot of data recently. The MCH may also be stuck doing some Plex processes (if enabled). In those cases, you should wait, otherwise try to do a reboot or power off. There is no good way to reboot if the webapp or mobile app cannot access the MCH. Normal commands to access the MCH in the codebox you can try:

  download debug_logs  yourMCHip is the ip address of your MCH

  reboot MCH

  shutdown MCH

This is a similar situation to that of the My Cloud, a different OS than MCH, but worth a quick look. Note that the MCH has no SSH available to the owner other than

Thanks a lot.
Got the logs, any specific place to look into?

The current situation is:

  1. I can intermittently access the files from the browser
  2. I cannot share file or directory (Error message about server error)
  3. In the Android app it’s still appears offline
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You should consider filing a support ticket and attach the debug_logs for WD tech support.

Please follow the link to ‘Clear Device Settings’ if you have ‘server error’, but read the caveats and know that at least in one incident, there has been reported loss of one guest user account upon ‘Clear Device’.

It may not be possible to access the ‘Clear Device Settings’ if you have intermittent connection with the browser webapp but you can try a few times.