MBWEII: Downloader permissions problem

Setup: MyBook World Edition II (firmware 01.02.12) and Intel iMac with Mac OS X 10.7.2.

Several weeks ago I’ve asked a question about disappearing AFP share in MBWEII.

Here it is: MBWEII: Download share not visible via AFP

I’ve found out that the reason was file permissions set by ctcs (built-in NAS Downloader). Ctorrent is always setting Download directory owner to nobody and permissions to 664, and this seems to be the reason why the share is not accessible via AFP. (Connecting via SMB works normally.) At least when I change the owner back to root and permissions to 777 the share becomes accessible again.

So, is there a way to prevent Downloader from changing the Download directory permissions? Thanks.

If there is any way, it’s done on SSL, but I don’t know what commands would be used on that case :confused:

I’m sorry, what do you mean? SSL is an encryption protocol, what does it have to do with filesystem permissions?..

My bad, SSH (Secure Shell) so you can use the root permissions and control the MBW from the core.

Yep, I can login to NAS via SSH and able to change permissions manually (that’s what I do to fix them) but the question is how to prevent Downloader from changing them back every time…

I know WD doesn’t support SSH but you never what they can suggest if you contact them, also try to get to Myron on the MyBook Live board, he might be able to help. Also the unofficial MyBook World forum could have advice for that.

SSH is quite officially supported on MBWEII, it can be enabled or disabled in the Advanced section of web admin tool. :slight_smile:

Yes you can, but WD themselves won’t give you support for anything related to SSH, other than the username/password.