MBWE (White Lights) Networking Cannot connect via device name

I tried searching for a post, but can’t find it. it seems like a very busy time for WD with this 10.02.10 firmware. My issue may be a bit different, or may be related. We are in a domain environment, running XP, Win 7, and Mac OSX 10.6/10.7. I cannot connect to the My Book World Edition using the device name that I have set. But I can connect via the hostname I received from nslookup which was dhcp-777-91990. The IP is dynamic, but  Ishould still be able to map via host name, so my question is where is this “dhcp-777-91990” being assigned from, and where can I modify it.

Reset the drive and it will go back to default or you can just login to the device interface and gassing the name you want.

I have reset the drive, it has gone back to default, but I still can only connect via ip address, and I am still getting a dhcp-777-91990 as the host name.

I turned on SSH and used WinSCP to remote into the device. I went into /bin/hostname and opened the file, this is what was contained:


How can I change this to set a proper host name?