MBWE (white light) transfer speeds

Ill start with the stats from one of my PCs

Win7 64-bit

AMD 64 x2 7550 @ 2.5ghz

4 GB memory

Using wired (gig NIC) or wireless (n) I can only get transfer speeds of approximately 1.5mbs transferring via windows explorer to the mapped drive. Files as small as 20MB to as large as 5GB all transfer at the same speeds.

I searched the site and found post others have made about transfer speeds but this seems to be much lower than most… Any help would be much appreciated!

I second this. PLease could someone reply as to the slow transfer speeds inherent with this device. Is there any mitigation that can be applied. to speed things up. I have latest firmware 

My typcal speed is about 13 MB/sec.  I’ve seen as much at 18 MB/sec for large files (GB) and as little as several hundred KB/sec for transfer of many small files.

**hardwired Gigabit ethernet for all computers to switch

**Mybook world attached to Gigabit ethernet switch

Just an update.

I borrowed a gig switch from work and ran a cat6 cable to my gig nic on my tower and still only get (at max) 2mbps.

Before trying the switch I even set the MBWE up with highest priority using QoS via my router… I think I made a bad purchese :smileyvery-happy:

I get speeds very similar to Tweaker. I do regular system image backups using Acronis True Image 2010 to the MBWE. I’ve got a Linksys WRT610N router, connected using gigabit with cat5e cables. When the backup is made I get speeds in the 13 - 15 MB/s range (104 - 120 Mbps) very consistently. It takes about 90 minutes to capture a 75 GB system image.  When the backup is done it verifies it. When reading back the file it takes about 1/2 the time and I get about 25 MB/s on the read.

When I use Windows Explorer to copy files to and from the WBME I get the same speeds - around 15 MB/s. Sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower. But I never get  speeds as low as the OP has indicated.

Here’s an article, quoting WD’s own testing, that seems to verify the speeds I get are typical for the unit. http://www.tomsguide.com/us/westerndigital-mybook-worldedition,review-1200-8.html

I would say there is a problem somewhere in your set up.

Good luck.