MBWE - White light - Playback stalls on PS3 when streaming HD material

MBWE white light owner here, I’m running latest FW on PS3 and the My Book.  Both PS3 and MBWE are connected via ethernet to Apple AEBS gigabit router.  

Problem is that when I fast forward HD media clips they freeze after a few minutes of skipping forwards.  SD media doesn’t exhibit the same problem despite being encoded with same codec/container etc…

Media stored on USB drive doesn’t have this issue either so the problem must lay with either the MBWE or Twonky itself.

I cannot update Twonky to latest version, does anyone else have this problem?  Are there any plans for a newer Twonky version in an upcoming FW updated for the MBWE?  Twonky forums seem to think the version we’re stuck with is pretty buggy :frowning: