MBWE White Light - mounting XFS disk

Hey all

Last week my MBWE (White Light) started acting all strange. First real slow operation, then loss of connection etc etc.

So I began to retrieve my files to other disks to make sure.

But I only got halfway through my files - and then it just c***ped out.

To cut the story short: The MBWE went completely dead and I had to take it apart and install the disk in an old USB enclosure.

From here I can see that the disk is still alive. All four partitions show up. Used / available space is shown and so on.

But all my machines - Mac OS X, Windows 7, Ubuntu 10 - refuse to mount it.

(Mac OS is excused - it doesn’t support XFS. But the disk and the partitions do show up in Disk Utility.)

From Ubuntu I have tried everything - Disk Utility, gParted, xfs_check etc etc etc.

But so far no success with mounting or reparing the disk. (Or the fourth partition, which is the interesting one.)

 So, if anyone has experienced anything similar - PLEASE let me know.

(Especially if you managed to work it out!) :wink:



I know you are going to ask for error messages.

But to be honest I’ve seen so many different of those for the past four days, I can’t recall half of them :wink:

So, if you have specific suggestions for solutions I’ll post my results (and error messages)