MBWE White light- is there a way to turn off the light when the drive spins down?


Is there a way to have the light turn off when the drive spins down?  It seems sort os silly to have the light dance around all night and day when the drive isn’t doing anything.

Thansk for your help.


Yes, you can turn off the light, page 114 of the user manual:


Thank you very much!!!

I had even called tech support and they told me that it couldn’t be done, but you have pointed me directly to where the directions to perform it were.  I am really impressed.

Thank you again.,


If you have SSH access to the NAS, you can try this:

echo 252 > /sys/class/leds/oxnas-wd810-leds:sw/brightness

This command makes the leds off when the NAS is not used. It continues to generate the “Moving up and down” when it is accessed.

You need to redo the same command once the NAS is rebooted. Otherwise, you can program a “cron” task to do.

I like them off full time.  The lights themselves are not very menaingful and are just way too bright.  It would have been much better if they had uses a few low power LEDs that would not light up the entire room in the dark, but they didn’t.

I do thank you for your reply, but the other answer is exactly what I was looking for.