MBWE Not Showing in Mac Disk Utility

MBWE 1st Edition White Light - Firmware …14 OSX 10.7.4 Lion 1. Originally setup on Win7 - Due to incompatibility with Lion, Doing manual back ups from Mac 2. Updated FW to …14 this week 3. Total failure with Time Machine 4. Factory reset only deleted data and shares, users remained 5. Tried to use OSX Disk Utility to reformat to HFS - Only the IMac drive info appears 6. Shows MB and MB back up in Finder 7. Cannot connect thru Finder 8. Direct Browser connection is OK, except it keeps closing and terminating Internet connection when I try to utilize Any suggestions to get it reformatted to HFS so I can try to set up Time Machine? … Changed MBWE to access point, instead of modem/router. No disconnects. Was able to change settings in storage manager and now Time Machine is happily backing up the IMac on Lion. Also able to connect to shares on Finder again. … Further research indicates that you cannot reformat a NAS on a share, either OSX or Win.

Fixed…see original post