MBWE II (white light) drive questions

I just bought one of these and it’s really quite nice. It came with 2 WD 1TB Green drives. I have a few questions about the unit…

  1. Can the drives be set so that they appear as 2 different drives ( that is no RAID)?

  2. Is it possible to replace both drives by say two 2TB WD Green drives and have the unit work or is there something preinstalled on one of the two drives?

  3. Each time I connect to the web page I have to enter the admin password. Is there something preventing browsers from storing it? 

  4. Is HFS+ supported as a USB drive format?


Edit: 1.By using JBOD you get two different drives so that appears to be the unRaid option.

  1. According to reviews you can simply replace the drives with 2 WD Green drives. See  http://www.desktopreview.com/default.asp?newsID=708&Review=Western+Digital+My+Book+World+Edition+II

  2. was a browser issue on my part.

  3. HFS+ is supported.

  1. You can set the hard drives up to be just 2TB total. When one 1TB drive gets full…it puts data on the other 1TB drive. Beware if one drive goes bad…you lost all data on that drive though but other drive still has its data.

  2. From my understanding…they claim its special drives in there. From reading the specsand my month experience playing with it, they are just the wd green WD10EADS 1TB 32MB drives and i dont see any reason why the 2TB x 2 would be any different unless they come w/ special partition or something pre-installed. in that case…ill image the drive before doing a swap of the drives!! Instructions for swapping drives yourself are on this site too. I also know that the wd green 2TB and 1TB have the same exact dimensions because i now have all.

Thank’s for the reply. I have since obtained more information. It seems by choosing JBOD you get 2 independent drives ( as opposed to RAID 0 where you get 2TB but one drive does in the other and the other spanning option which is as you described). The NAS then appears as two drives with JBOD. According to a review I quoted you can upgraded to 2 TB Green Drives at some point. This makes the unit even more appealing.


np. happy i could be of assistance.