MBWE ii increase capacity to 2x 2TB


I purchased a MDWE ii containing 2x 1TB disks sometime ago and set it up as RAID1 configuration (showing 1TB capicity in total)

Recently I started to run out of space so I bought 1x 2TB hdd (WD20EARX) and replaced 1 of the existing 1TB drives in my NAS with this new 2TB disk. The system then went into ‘rebuild’ or ‘compile’ (whatever it’s called) state for approx 1day and soon reported that the drives are sync’d and capacity still showed only as 1TB (which I thought is normal seeing that the NAS now contained 1x 1TB hdd and 1x 2TB hdd - so it’s logical that it would show the smaller of the 2 sizes as the total capacity under RAID1)

Finally, yesterday I bought another 2TB hdd and installed it in the place of the last remaining 1TB hdd in the NAS. Again the system ‘compiled/rebuilt’ and finally again reported ‘sync complete’.

Now with 2x 2TB hdd installed the NAS reports under the menu: STORAGE -> DISK MANAGER: 1.82GB for each disk (2TB) and status = Good… 

However in both the SYSTEM STATUS -> SYSTEM INFORMATION menu as well as under Windows 7, Explorer/My Computer the capacity shows only = 928GB (1TB)

Can anyone pls help me. I phoned WD support and the heldesk agent told me that this MBWE ii cannot do 2x 2TB it can only do 2x 1TB (despite me mentioning that WD sell both these sizes in Retail stores)…???

Thank you in advance

It sounds like a limitation on the enclosure

even when there’s other units that carry bigger drives it does not mean yours will support it

It might be that the drives were formatted as 1TB, if you do a factory restore it might format the drives to the 2TB. You will lose your data though.

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Hi Umpa2011

Thanks for the reply. I think you are 100% correct. I ended up doing a backup of my NAS to another external hdd and did a factory reset. Took all of 5-10 mins and the MBWE had re-configured itself and formatted / recognised the disks as 2x 2TB.

Now to safely replace all my backed-up data.

Thanks for your input!