MBWE II has stopped showing up on my Samsung UA60C4800 Media Player Options

I bought a new Sony Vaio Laptop 64bit, with Windows 7 Home Premium (my previous laptop was a ASUS 64bit, with windows 7 Home Premium).

I connected the MBWE II to the new Sony Laptop and everything worked fine. I was able to veiw movies on the network.

Then I updated the firmware on the MBWE II, and clicked on the Network tab, and was redirected to something called TWONKY. I followed all the directions, but now instead of MyBook World listed in the source list of my Samsung Media Player it is called [Twonky] MyBook, and I cannot get access to my movies.

I can see the movies in the MBWE II on my laptop, but my Samsung Media Player cannot get access.

I have reset all devices, all to no avail.

Maybe the updated version of Twonky Media Server is not compatible with your TV.  I suggest you to contact Samsung to confirm.

I have reset my Samsung TV, I have reset my Router, and I have reset my MBWE II, all to no avail.

Did you try Samsung to verify if any issues with Twonky?