MBWE II getting lost in network & slow performance

Dear All,

I bought MBWE II (White light) 4 TB raid 1 3 days back.

I was very excited and happy to have it in my hands untill I turned it on and installed it in my home network EXACTLY followed the instructions in the guide.

  1. I went to administration setting and It is so slow. (My remote desktop on my USA server loades faster than my local address)

  2. It is DHCP enabled (as soon az I set static IP, it is getting lost and no access to it again until a hard reset) but it is getting lost every 2 hourse in the network. I cant ping to the IP and I cant access the files unless I reset the hardware. (it is not getting shut down. I hold the shut down button 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds but no luck) I had to remove the power or just reset the MBWE.

  3. It is so slow. with FTP I am getting maximum of 1 MB/second (mostly 750 KB/second)

Guys, I followed many articles in here and other forums but it seems like I wasted my money just for the beauty of WD product.

I had a WD PASSPORT many years and I was happy with it but I believe they are not good in network products.

I appreciate any help guys.

Thanks & Regards.

AND BTW: it is very slow copying or moving files from one folder to another folder on MBWE II also. I cant believe this poor performance.

Maybe I did a mistake in installation, but really I followed the exact same stepts in installation and untill now I reset the MBWE for 10 times.

Dear All,

I solved my problem but I dont know what was the reason.

The solotion to my problem is:

Step 1) Backup you data from MBWE II.

Step 2) Backup your data again.

Step 3) Backup your data to make sure you dont have any useful files on MBWE II.

Spet 4) Go to admin panel http://Your IP Address/

Step 5) Login with Administrator username + password

Step 6) Go to advanced tab

Step 7) Reset to factory default settings

Step 8) Access your MBWE II through discovery software.

It is fast and reliable now but I lost all my files. I am recovering my files now.

Ask me questions if you like, I think I spent 10 hours searching for this solution.

Ciao everybody :))

Hello again everybody,

I came back to say after all the above solutions, still my book world is getting lost in the network and can not be discovered.

I am tired of this and I have removed hard disks from it, just installed them in my system.

Its fast & more reliable. I got rid of My Book World. I just wasted my money for its beautiful LED and nice shape.

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NETWORK STORAGE for ever.