MBWE II firmware upgrade fails


I have MBWE II. I have firmware 01.01.16 with MioNet

Whenever I try to upgrade either automatically or manually, it fails.

I’ve been having issues with WD Photos Classic and I wonder if the drive firmware upgrade would help. But whenever I try to upgrade it fails.

What do I need to do? I’m using the device as a network backup device for 2 PCs on my home network as well as to store my itunes library. Any help would be appreciated.



It is normal to have problems with this drive and WD Photos since it should not work

AFAIK WD photo is only for My Book Live

updating the firmware will not make any impact on WD Photo, moreover it could damage the drive if something goes wrong

So if I want to access my files/photos remotely (via an app) I need to replace the WD NAS with a different product?