MBWE II Failed one HDD on mirrored mode

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I am new in this forum so my apologies for asking silly things :). My MDWE ii said that the HDD got overheated and now it doesn’t show up in the menu. Does this means that it is dead?

I had mirrored HDD so all my data is suppose to be in the good HDD. Can I just replace the bad one and all the data will be restored into both hdd? Do I have to back up my data first?

Can I increase the size of both hdd to 2 x 2tb? (I have 2x 1TB)

and Finally, can I buy any HDD (I mean brand) to replace the dead one?

Thank you! best wishes!

Hi, try pressing the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds. Then try connecting it directly to the computer and check if is recognized. If one of the internal hard drives is bad you need to get a replacement for the same model. 

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Hi, thank you for your answer. I noticed that after turning it off for a while and resetting the device, the hardrive came back to life. Now, under the disk manager tab it says that the HDD is good however unassigned. I guess I need to restore the raid configuration? Is there anyway of doing it without loosing the information in the good HDD? I also noticed that next to the HDD there is a little icon that says clean disk. Should I do that?

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Best wishes, and merry Xmas!