MBWE II - ext3 formatted USB storage


has anyone successfully connected an external ext3 formatted USB mass storage. I formatted the disk in linux using mkfs and it appears in the “USB disks” as USB Disk 1-1.

But he share (\usb1-1share1) that is normally created with FAT32/NTFS is not created for ext3.

Does anyone have an idea how to enable automount of ext3 devices?

I prefer it over NTFS for files larger than 4GB.



same problem here. automount with xfs and ext3 not working. ntfs and fat32 is ok,…



I wanted to attach an EXT3  formatted drive in r/w mode. HFS+ doesn’t work (for me) and I don’t know if NTFS is r/w. It does seem as though FAT32 is the only format that works…


I have an NTFS drive attached read/write and it works.  Copying a large >1gig file from the MBWE to the USB attached drive from my Win Vista computer doesn’t work but that looks like it might be a Samba problem.  Copying from my Windows machine to the USB attached NTFS drive works as long as the ethernet adaptor on my Windows computer is tweaked.  The Linux software used on this device is really old e.g. 2008.  There have been lots of Linux changes since 2008!

Can you see the mount point at /proc/mounts?   /shares/usb1-1share1 mount point is configured in Samba on my MBWE in /usr/private/user_smb_conf/.overall_share.  If the /shares/usb-1-share1 mount point is there, you should be good to go.  If not, I think you’ll have to figure out how to get the ext3 mounted.  I’m guessing that happens in a hotplug script.  The easiest path might be to NTFS format the drive?