MBWE-Extras, my new tool for my White Light

Hello everybody,

First, best wishes for this new year 2015 !

I built a tool MBWE-Extras in Github (“Downloads” repository) to help non IT to manage features on My Book World Edition I or II.

Mainly, adding options, like merging logins in only one, timeout session or features, like no-ip free site periodic validation, Twonky installation, Feature Pack Manager installation, exTplorer to explore folders, locally or remotly with only web access, and so on…

If it would help only one person, could satisfy me.

Best regards.

Hello and welcome to the community,

Thank you for sharing this. Hope it helps other users.

Can we presume the current/latest version ( https://github.com/MBWE-Extras/Downloads/blob/master/Packages/wdhxnc-01.02.14.img ) contains all the updates listed above it on the  ‘Packages’ page?


I did try the extra and stuck at 30%.
Help always welcome…

Kind regards

I’m starting o a mission to re-purpose my Book - it’s a white version 1 type WD10000

It has never been reliable since new - runs for a few days then dies. So it has been an occasional place to store archive material.

Do your updates allow the useless twonkyserver to be removed, and a plain vanilla NAS application to run reliably?

I’m hoping the code will be OK, as I see another comment suggests it didn’t load.


finally i found somethng that makes atleast some sense to me …
guys… i just got this from my Uncle, it is 10 years old. is there any way u can access the files from external network & iphone?
Currently i just use it as FTP within my network…
by using ur firmware, will i be able to access folder from external network? and access files on Iphone?

the update got stuck at 30% :frowning:
what should i do here?