MBW iTunes Server

I want to move my iTunes library to the MBW iTunes server feature with my Mac.  I loaded a few albums into the Shared Music folder to test it out.  In iTunes under the SHARED section, it can see the MBW but it just sits there “loading”…no files/ablbums…nothing.  I’ve tried all the other sugestions to delete the database…yadda, yadda, yadda…  nothing seems to be working.

I’m running the latest firmware on my MBW (as of Thanksgiving-Day weekend) and the lastest version of OS X Lion .  What gives?

If you’re on iTunes 10.5, then it’s not going to work.

So, is there a fix coming soon?  What was changed in 10.5 that woudn;t make this work?  I assume iTunes server service is something standard.  It seem to work with FreeNAS despite iTunes update versions.  I don’t get it.

Each NAS manufacturer has a different support implementation of the iTunes server, so even on two different branded NAS drives with the same iTunes server version, you could see still see different features.

So far, the only fix is to move back to iTunes 10 since I don’t think another update will come soon since a lot have been released just to allow the MBW to work with Lion.