MBW II 6TB - 01.01.08, can't update firmware!

Hi all, 

I am writing this in the hope that someone may be able to help me as so far WD support have been useless…!

I had a Western Digital My Book World II 6TB NAS drive that broke due to a number of issues, I sent it back and they replaced it with a used unit which was running an extremely old version of the firmware (01.01.08 with MioNet This caused the 3TB drives to show as 798Mb ones!

Between myself and WD support we came to the conclusion that it was the firmware that was causing the problem and that there was no way of me updating it myself as the automatic update and manual update didn’t work. So… they shipped another second hand drive to me! That had exactly the same firmware and problem on it… I went back to technical support and asked them to send me a new one as that would have more recent firmware on it and work fine. They have now refused and said they will just refund me! Bear in mind this has been going on for around 6 months now!! To say I am not happy is a total understatement!

I have tried to update the firmware myself and managed to get it to connect to the update center, previously it kept saying connection refused. The software says it’s up to date but is still showing (01.01.08 with MioNet The manual update doesn’t do anything but try and load it but then get no further.

Please help

Many thanks,


Sorry about the level of confusion, inconvenience, and frustration here.  Will you PM me your RMA numbers?  I would like to see what we can do to further assist and resolve this problem for you.