MBW 1TB Blue Rings - No blue lights, not booting up

After a recent power cut, my 1TB MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings - twin 500GB drives, no RAID) is not booting up.  On connecting power I can hear the drives spinning up and a few of the usual clicks, but then nothing else happens.  The blue ring LEDs do not illuminate, and the drive does not appear on the network as it used to.  I have tried power cycling and performing a reset but all to no avail.  Any ideas or can I assume that the drive is kaput?  If it is indeed now a ‘late NAS’ I presume I can extract the drives from the enclosure and retrieve any data by connecting to another computer (Linux, I guess). In that case, what connectors do the drives use - SATA or IDE?

That sound like a kaput drive to me, if you’re lucky only the power cable is not working (yes even though the unit is turning on) so try to get a replacement before you open the case.