MBTD 6 TB freezing my mac

I’m having trouble using my MBTD 6TB. It freezes my mac when ever i connect. Have found the issue quite frequently on this board although no solutions.

Any ideas please? And yes, I tried to run utilities but am unable to as the mac freezes and nothing happens.

Look forward to a helpful response.

Try testing the drive with a different computer.

This could mean data corruption but is hard to tell since you are not able to run first aid at the moment.

i have tried with three different computers. iMac running 10.9 OSX and a Mac Book Air and Mac Mini both running 10.8. No success on either one of them.

If there is data corruption, how do I ractify it if i can’t access it with any computers?


Try contacting support directly for additional assistance.


have already sent a couple of days ago although have not received a response yet.