MBR error on WIn 10 but works on NVIDIA Shield TV


I have been using a WD Elements Portable 4TB USB drive between my Win 10 PC & Nvidia Android Shield TV, mainly for retro gaming and movies, yesterday my WIn 10 PC stopped recognising the drive when I plug it in, but when I manage in Disk Management it shows a prompt saying it needs to be initialised with MBR or GPT, the disk just says unknown - not initialised.

When I plug the drive in the shield TV, all the folders/media are visible (3TB worth) in Xplorer and movies play ok from it on the Shield TV, has anyone seen this before? as it is visible in the Shield TV are there any utilities tor rebuild/restore MBR? all I can think to do is reformat it on the shield where it is recognised, but then I lose the media (I do have most of it backed up, but would rather not have to rebuild it all).

The USB drive has been working without issues between my WIn 10 PC & Nvidia Siield TV for a few months.

Any ideas?

Hello ecnirp,

It seems that issue might be caused due to partition error and need to reformat the drive in order to use further. You can reformat the WD Elements Portable drive in your Shield TV compatible file format to use further as storage drive.