MBpro '15, MyBook 20TB failing to run from Thunderbolt 2 port


I have a 2015 Macbook Pro, with 2x Thunderbolt 2 ports in addition to the 2x USB ports.
Running 10.13 High Sierra.
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Recently bought the MyBook 20TB for work (video). Running it in RAID1, 2x 10TB.

I intended to use my Thunderbolt port to run this drive. Obviously only port I can use to connect to the computer is a Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C port on the back of the drive.

I want to use the thunderbolt port on the computer as my 2x USB ports are always busy with other items, as well as the higher data transfer speeds.

I bought a Thunderbolt cable and a thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3 adapter at great expense (both apple products), to do this. Now I’ve fitted them, and the drive does not run. It runs fine with the USB to USB-C cable provided, but this is now what I want to do.

Has anyone got any suggestions / solutions?

It doesn’t make any sense that a thunderbolt 2 port cannot be used to connect to a thunderbolt 3 drive, using the correct adapters.
Unless there is some incompatibility between Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C?

C Bates

Any suggestions guys?

Has anyone else been able to run their USB-C drive from a TB2 port?

Buy an actual computer

  • thunderbolt chips have a tendency to blow up

Please @egarum don’t bother replying if you can’t be helpful or answer my question.

Ok you have a link (looks like it was posted by a chip repair company - funny that), but I’ve used thunderbolt for years and not had an issue.

My question stands, to anyone who can help:

How can I connect this USB-C drive to my thunderbolt 1/2 Mac?
I have the cables and adapters but haven’t been able to get it to run.

Can anyone offer suggestions / solutions?

Any help much appreciated.

Very late but I’ve tried the same thing and had the same outcome.

Turns out, even though they should, not all USB C devices are backwards compatible with thunderbolt. The article above covers why. ■■■■■.