MBLD vs. ps3 refreshing list of files


I am a new pist off customer of the MBLD 6T.

I had a problem with seeing the media server in ps3 - reading the forum helped me a lot and right now I can see the shares and files.

but when I change structure, names of files, folders Ps3 cannot see the change. I tried search servers under ps3 turn off ps3, clean cash in ps3, disable and able media dlna under MBLD webe interface. rescan, rebuild the media server and ps3 showing the files from yesterday.

Do you have any idea?

Firmware - MyBookLiveDuo 02.42.02-012 : Core F/W

media server version -

ps3 latest software

thank you in advance


Did you try to powercycle the drive and see if the changes will be visible on the PS3?