MBLD unable to locate after following all instructions and port changes

I have just purchased a MBLD 4TB followed all instructions and have a continuous green light. I thought all was well until I started the software discovery process to find nothing. I have a Belkin F7D4301 router connected to a PC with windows 7, 32 bit. I have made sure that the Router was put back to its default settings so I can start from scratch and I have also checked that UPnP is on. I’m not too sure what is wrong or whether I need to change some port settings or something else. Does any one have any ideas?

You do not have to port forward to be able to access the drive

on win 7 you can just map the drive

if not showing while on the router, it could be on a different workgroup

make sure the drive and PC are on the same workgroup


map the drive

you can try connecting directly to the PC